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My best piece of advice is...

Your wedding... so much planning, details, emotions, finances, appointments, family, fittings... and on and on and on. As the decorator for the couple's big day, I will see the happy pair on several occasions leading up to the wedding day, and as it gets closer, I see the change happening: STRESS! The stress of mounting details and meetings and trying to keep it all together, it happens to just about every couple. I always try to impress upon my brides and grooms one very important factor about their wedding day: ENJOY. You've done all the steps, you've been happy, nervous, excited, anxious and so stressed, that when the actual day comes, do you want to miss out on the fun and excitement of this great celebration because you're worrying whether the ribbon colour on the favors is the correct shade of teal, or that all the ceremony chairs will be precisely lined up? A friend of mine gave me a great piece of advice one day when I was stressing one day about something that basically I couldn't change. She said: "Let it go", and that's what I mean when I tell couples that my best piece of advice is to ENJOY. Just let it go.

After the wedding day, it's obviously too late to enjoy your wedding day. You must start from the morning of the day before the wedding. Wake up and start to enjoy the process of your wedding day, your celebration of getting married to the one you love. Really, what would even be the point of continuing to stress? You've hired all these people and vendors, now it's time to sit back and let them do their job. Now of course it's simply not reasonable for one to think that the bride or groom will let go of every bit of stress on the wedding day - but smoothing out your emotions will only make the day better. A relaxed bride is a more beautiful bride. A smiling groom makes everyone feel good. You won't believe how fast the day will go. The one thing I hear time and again from couples: I wish I had enjoyed it more, why was I so stressed? So, my best piece of advice, it's always the same one word: Enjoy!

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